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Like the cellphone, when facebook came out everybody thought it was not necessary and not important to have it but now even large companies are scrambling to get themselves onto facebook and not even Grade 1 children can go without a cellphone.

You can be on Facebook or you can BE on Facebook – you can just have yourself out there or you can really use Facebook to enable maximum exposure of your company or cause.  There are eight golden rules when creating a facebook group or page and I am here to tell you about these beneficial points.

The following applications are necessary for you to become well noted and exposed on the ever growing popularity that is Facebook


Use this application as soon as you have created a blog and it will pull in the RSS feed from your content or blog source whereby it will bring the new note that you posted into facebook where all your friends or fans will be able to view it.


Once you have created your blog and page you can blog your RSS feed reader.  It is more functional and allows for better customization which allows for a better sense of control.


This will pull your tweets into Facebook, and it puts a e Twitter-themed box on your profile, whereby everyone will know you are on Twitter. It also saves you time in updating.


Although HTML is not allowed in the main body of your facebook page, you can download it and add it to your page.  This includes clickable images, anchor text and interactive content.

This function is supported by Facebook, does not involve third party applications and therefore has no complications.


This function is developed by Facebook and gives you as box on your page where you can upload a flash file for advances customization to play videos or games.


Through Posted Items Pro you can copy many “You Tube”, “Yahoo” and “Google” videos, files and sites onto your own page/profile.  You can use it for many things on your profile especially for a media center or press section.


If it is possible for you, give your page personality by adding fun elements like pictures and video that are related to your brand.  Try a competition or a game on your site to make it interesting and have readers keep coming back.


It is very very important to keep your page updated.  Every time you update the page it will go through to your fans’ News Feed.  This will keep them updated and you will thereby remind them of your presence.  By keeping it fresh you will have the readers come back for more and keep coming back, inviting their friends as well to check out your very interesting site.  You can also do that by providing something different that others do not offer, like for instance tips, secret competitions or vip access to information

Have a look an example of a successful Facebook page and see what I mean:


The Pink collection from Victoria’s Secret’s main target focus is on college girls and where do they all hang out?  Facebook of course!  This is the perfect example of a brand using Facebook to its full capacity as they make use of both HTML and FBML applications and have plenty of competition and freebies on their site, keeping their fans interested and coming back for more.