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Whether you are working remotely or in an office, there are a number of Microsoft 365 products that will help to create a highly productive work environment. This suite was designed to maximise efficiency, making it easier to work from any location and from any device. If you have been considering a move to the cloud, we’ve made a list of Microsoft 365 products that will make work easier.

Essential Microsoft 365 Products to Increase Productivity

Some of the most important Microsoft 365 products to boost productivity in your work environment include the following:

1. Microsoft Outlook

This email solution has grown a lot over the years. Today it offers a fully integrated cloud-based email programme that connects to all your other Microsoft products seamlessly. Stay connected, easily send documents, and access all of the features this email platform has to offer.

2. Microsoft Excel

The newer generation of Excel has become a highly essential tool for data, allowing you to easily create spreadsheets in the cloud. Spreadsheets can be updated in real-time and shared on platforms such as OneDrive or Teams.  

3. Microsoft Word

The original word processing solution, Word today is an easy to use document solution that allows you to create anything and everything from letters to articles. The new generation gives you all the benefit of the cloud, accessing, editing and sharing documents easily.

4. Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a very useful app that allows users to gather various bits of information, from screenshots to audio clips, notes and drawings and share to relevant team members. As with all other Microsoft products, the app integrates within OneDrive, Teams and other channels as well.

5. Microsoft OneDrive

Finally, we have OneDrive. This storage solution makes it easy for teams to upload, access and download various files from one location. Having access to information from a central, online location makes it far easier for teams to stay up to date on projects, collaborating quickly and easily. 

Looking to invest in this platform? Get in touch with us today to find out how to get started with Microsoft 365 products.