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While a general online store focuses on a broader product range, a niche ecommerce website focuses on a more specific product or category. Ecommerce niches fall within gaps that other sites overlook. These could include highly targeted products such as natural kids’ bath products, custom-made jewellery or even products sold only in a specific location. 

For businesses with a product range that is more unique, with a more specific type of customer than a general product store, the niche ecommerce website can be incredibly powerful for sales.

Why Consider a Niche Ecommerce Website?

Here are just a few of the ways that a niche ecommerce website can help you drive more sales.

1. Reach targeted audiences.

Rather than trying to appeal to a large audience, you are targeting a very specific customer. Using our natural kids’ bath products, you are looking for moms who choose natural products over chemically-derived products, who care about the environment and want products that do the job effectively. This audience might be smaller but targeting will be much easier. 

2. Stand out in your industry.  

Trying to compete in a saturated market is very difficult for smaller or newer stores. Niches have far less competition, however, making it much easier to stand out. Your natural kids’ bath products may fall within a few broader categories – kids’ bath products, kids’ general products and natural products. Your store focuses on a much narrower niche, which will help you stand out more easily and make it easier for your target customers to find you within broader product categories.

3. Drive more sales.

Niche online stores can drive a lot more sales for many reasons. One reason is that customers are already primed to purchase when arriving on your site. They are moms looking for natural soaps, washes and creams for their kids. They know that you offer these products. If your site is designed and built professionally and it engages customers, they are very likely to complete their purchases. 

Whatever your product niche might be, 3DOM Digital Communications Agency is here to help. Contact us today and we will help you plan an interactive ecommerce website that is designed to convert.