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Your WordPress can be far more than just a blog. While WordPress software was built as a blog software, it didn’t take long to overcome that use and move to one of the most well loved and often used content management systems on the internet today. WordPress has evolved and come a long way since it began as a simple blogging software and has even won Content Management System of the Year as awarded by PC Magazine.

To use your WordPress as a content management system doesn’t require a lot of effort. Some simple fixes can take your blog to a CMS that will allow you to do nearly anything that you want. In the settings, you’ll want to change your settings so that you can use a plain page, a static page to the home page rather than your blog posts. Once you’ve done that, set up a separate page that you will use to house the blog posts that you put on your site.

This simple change allows you to create a very powerful content management system that lets you turn your WordPress blog into a website that is sleek, elegant and powerful. The blog and the website are one and the same. Static pages will be used to house things like the home and about us pages, while the blog page will display all of the blog posts that you add over time and display them in search and to your visitors.

Don’t forget to change the permalinks to allow the blog posts as well as the static pages to become a better laid out URL for the search engines. The most common and best layout for your sites SEO will be /%postname%/. This gives you the pretty urls that will show up well and be easily searchable for your customers and readers.

WordPress is far more than just a blog. Today it is a website, a custom eCommerce site, a sales venue and so much more. Using plugins and some custom layouts, you can make your WordPress into anything that you want or need it to be.