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One of the most common things that people want to do today is to create a site that will allow dynamic interaction between their customers and their readers. WordPress allows you to do that in some very easy ways, using plugins which have been developed and are maintained by the WordPress plugin and the open source community.

Your WordPress website can offer you a wide range of ways in which your clients and readers can interact. One plugin which offers you a vast array of possibilities for this is Buddy Press.

Buddy Press lets you make a community site that is very much like a social media site. It permits private messaging between customers of the site, while allocating a given amount of private messages per day, based on your configuration, in order to ensure that resources are not over stressed.
Additionally, your customers will be able to set up their own page which can house a profile.. They can offer tidbits about themselves on a regular basis, such as what they are doing at any given time.

In addition, you can configure a forum to you WordPress to allow for live interaction between your visitors. One such plugin which is well maintained by the plugin author and the WordPress community is Vast HTML.  A very powerful forum software that is mindful of the other software forums designed for that use alone, Vast gives you unparalleled control of the forums.

Specify groups of people or set up groups of specific interests. Make your own moderators or select people to assist you in the moderation of the site and the forums. The plugins that you can use to add interaction and discussion to your website are truly endless when it comes to working with WordPress.  Finding what you need isn’t difficult at all. Simply type in a keyword to the plugin area and it will make suggestions for you to assist you in obtaining nearly anything that you’d like to do with WordPress and then help you install it.

WordPress is one of the most powerful and most unique content management systems to come along in years. Making the most of it is up to you.