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In every website there are certain things that will feed into the search engine optimization. These include things like the meta tags, and of course the description of the sites. We’re all aware that those things play into our search engine optimization and that it can help or can hinder the forward momentum of the website in question.

Are there design factors that feed into the overall SEO of the site? There are absolutely factors that will feed into your site SEO. The  SEO or search engine optimization of the website has as much to do with the design and build of the site as it does to the external factors that you may be working with.

Having all of the best information in the world on your site is a great thing. We’ll all agree that content is important and a necessary part of the site, but is it the be-all and end all of the site? That depends really on how  you look at it.

Some design factors may be present that won’t make it easy to find the content. If that is the case, then your customers aren’t going to be able to read it, they won’t be able to find it and they will bounce off your site immediately raising your bounce rate. Given that this is a factor that Google and other search engines are looking at for your overall ranking, that isn’t a good thing.

What that tells you is that your navigation is going to be one of those things that is important in the scheme of things. If your site is designed without a good solid navigation that allows your customers and site readers to find exactly what they are looking for, how long will they stay on your site?

The answer is, not long. Factors which may feed into the search engine optimization and either help or hinder you are the navigation, the internal linking and link structure, the design, the imagery and many others. Make sure that the site that you are using and the theme that you add to it is going to offer your customers a better way to find your articles and your products. You can use all of the off site SEO that is out there but neglecting what’s on the site is going to mean that your SEO isn’t going to be enough to help your website–and consequently your business–to grow.