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In 2008 social media marketing became a huge buzzword. This was the time when many brands saw an opportunity and began implementing and integrating various social media campaigns into their existing marketing strategies. This was huge and many jumped on the bandwagon, but you will be amazed how many brands are still not using this medium to build awareness for their business.

You might be asking yourself the question if social media will really work for your business, and this might be a big stumble block for your brand, but to be all honest, the sooner you start marketing on this medium for your brand, the better.

Social media today

If you are a business and you don’t use your website or any email marketing campaigns, you will have a very hard time in reaching your target audience. It’s scary if you look at the stats how many businesses have a website and trust me, they must have some magic formula in generating business, otherwise they are busy closing down.

Social media marketing is a very interesting and unique way that you can use to market your business online. Back in the day, websites replaced traditional marketing methods such as newspapers and print media. This doesn’t mean social media will replace traditional networking, but it’s already starting to play a huge role in networking online.

If you are wondering if your target audience is using the internet and various social media channels like Facebook, the answer is YES. Facebook has over 1.3 billion members. I’m pretty sure your target audience is amongst those. They are already using social media and you should also start by implementing this in your marketing strategy. I’m sure you are going to be amazed by the results and the ROI you can enjoy from your marketing efforts using this medium.