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Keyword research for SEO is one of the most neglected parts of the search engine optimization process. Many new internet marketers are under the impression that you only have to do keyword research once and be done with it. That is the wrong way of doing keyword research. In all essence, most internet marketing methods revolves around keywords. Keywords are used for search engine optimization, social media marketing, and even for social media optimization purposes.

Once you have done keyword research and you have a list of all the keywords you are targeting, don’t see that list as set in stone. Make sure to revisit your keyword list often. This doesn’t mean everyday, but at least once every few months. If you are targeting an industry with a lot of changes happening often, then you will most likely have to visit your keyword list often.

The goal of keyword research

The main goal with doing keyword research is to find the keywords and phrases people are using when doing a search on Google. This doesn’t mean that you should only use the keywords that has the most search volume. If a popular keyword doesn’t relate to your business, don’t use it, but take note that search queries usually changes over time. What people search for a couple of months ago regarding a certain topic will most likely not be the same thing they are searching for right now. To make sure you are using the right keywords what people are searching for, keep an eye on current trends.

Look at search trends at least once a month. Measure these trends on Google and the popular social media channels. If something catches your eye as a trending topic that you can use for the keywords you are chasing, start using those keywords and phrases with your campaign.