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If you are interested in having high organic rankings on Google and the other search engines, search engine optimization is a great strategy that you can implement on your website, blog, and other online marketing campaigns. With any good thing there is a positive and a negative side. The positive side of SEO is playing by the book according to Google by using content that is specifically written for your target audience, and building a natural following. This is called “White Hat SEO“. The negative side is working completely against Google’s guidelines and is known as “Black Hat SEO” and it’s sole purpose is to trick Google.

Sometimes Black Hat SEO methods can work, but only for a short while, and it’s not worth the risk. If you are practicing any Black Hat SEO methods, good luck because Google will find you, and they will remove your domain from their search results. One Black Hat SEO method that is used is called “keyword stuffing”

What is keyword stuffing in SEO? This method is used to spam your website and pages with keywords. The main goal with keyword stuffing is to trick the search engines into giving you higher organic rankings. It involves overloading your content with keywords hence the name “keyword stuffing”.

Typically a website practicing keyword stuffing will used long lists of paragraphs overloaded with certain keywords. This method doesn’t work anymore, but I still see some people doing this.

To create a good healthy website that Google will value, avoid over stuffing your website with keywords. Here’s a couple of tips that can help you optimize your website.

Keyword optimization tips

Keywords: Only used relevant keywords on your website that your target visitors are using to find you.

Content: Use your keywords in your content, links, headings, and page titles. Don’t over stuff your pages and content with these keywords. These keywords should follow a natural pattern.

Content growth: Add good relevant content on a regular basis to your website so that interested visitors will come back for me.