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Internet marketing is a way of marketing online to increase the rate of qualified visitors to your website. In just a few years, it has become a billion dollar industry. Large and small companies are using the web to market their products and services. Internet marketing allows businesses to find out more about their clients, their preferences and their behavior. It is also a method to increase sales.

Internet marketing combines a couple of digital marketing strategies including PPC (Pay Per Click), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), banner ads, content marketing, and email marketing to name but a few.

SEO and organic search engine marketing is your most common method of marketing online and it requires the tweaking of websites to great extent. For this to work, you need to fine tune your website so that it can be found on the search engine result pages for the keywords your clients will use when looking for any of your services or products.

Traffic overload

What is a traffic overload and does it affect your marketing initiative? Traffic overload happens when a company launches content (text, video, images) which suddenly attracts millions of users. This sudden interest in your content and the amount of visitors you receive to your website can be a heavy load on your servers. In most cases, normal websites can crash in the event of a traffic overload.

Is there a way to prepare or prevent a traffic overload?

By creating a light weight; alternative version of the original content that has gone viral, you can prevent a traffic overload on your server. You can create light weight pages by minimizing the images and server scripts on the page and mainly focusing on only text. This can also be achieved by caching dynamic content to reduce the load on your server.  The other alternative you can do is to build alternative websites on channels such as WordPress, Blogger, etc.

There are many search engine optimization methods to help you get top rankings on the search engines. Traffic overload causes gloom as well as happiness. Internet marketers love traffic overloads, especially when they are involved with a new viral marketing strategy and it is paying off. The above mentioned tips can help you resolved traffic overload issues but it all depends on the infrastructure your website was built on.