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There has been many Google algorithm updates (Panda, Penguin) over the last two years and many low quality sites has been eliminated from the search results to provide a better search experience for people using Google search. If your site has been affected by one of these updates, what can you do to start fresh again and have good rankings on the search engines with your search engine optimization campaign?

It’s easy, provide a valuable user experience for your visitors on your website, blog, or any other online channel. Focus on providing quality and value on your website and you won’t have a problem. I know this is easier said than done, but what does it exactly means to provide a quality user experience on your website to increase your organic rankings? Find a couple of tips below to help you get started.

User experience SEO tips

Focus on your customers: Don’t create your website and content in the hopes of attracting Google. Focus on your customers first and Google will follow. Approach your search engine optimization campaign by providing a great user experience to your visitors. How can you answer the questions your visitors are looking for? Provide them with original and valuable content.

Remove low quality content: Get rid of all the low quality content that you have on your website. Research which pages are engaging your visitors and scape the ones that doesn’t provide you any value. Look at the pages bounce rate, hit rate, time on site, etc.

Add valuable content: What content is your audience looking for? Help them get answers by providing them with good content. Provide original and new content rather than rewriting old content.

Study analytics: Use Google analytics to find opportunities on improving your website. Look at the entry pages, and keywords that were used to find your website. For the pages that gets the most attention, look at the content that you used and publish new content related to that page.