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Is your website successful in sales or generating leads? Your website needs to tell a unique story that grabs your target audience and visitors attention. This story should guide them through your sales funnel and convince them that you have the best answer and solution to their need.

Website visitors arrive at your website looking for solutions and answers to problems they might have. What if your website can help them? Your website should tell a compelling story in a way that interests and engages your visitors. Find below a couple of tips that can help you with creating the message of your website.

Website message

Who is your target market?: You might have multiple audiences you are trying to target. As an example, a hardware website attracts both people looking for tool and manufacturers selling tools. Each will need their own pathway on the site with their own sales message crafted for them.

Create an outline: Start your message and story by creating an outline of all the pages that you will naturally follow in your sales funnel. How are you going to grab the attention of your audience, make an emotional connection to get them take an action. Write your outline in a storyboard and then connect your content plan with it.

Competition: What makes your services and products different to the ones of your competitors? What is your USP (unique selling point)? Present your USP proposition.

What is your plan: Do you want to get your visitors interested? Does your message motivate your audience to take an action? Do you provide any content so that they can learn how to use your solution? If you are lacking these on your website, change your plan and update your content to include these points.

It’s all in the headline: it is a fact that people scan a website page before they dig deeper. Communicate the essence of your offering with compelling headlines. Create headlines to tell your story and message in an easy to read way.

Keywords: Doesn’t matter how you look at it, keywords still plays the most important rule with internet marketing. Use keywords in your headlines and content. Your visitors used to them arrive at your website and they expect those keywords to be visible when they arrive to your website.

Content: Create your content so that it is easily readable. Avoid writing text book style. Create your content so that it is easily scannable using lists, and sub headings.

The message of your website should tell a story to your visitors. Use a message to encourage action by educating and convincing your visitors.