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If you are in a competitive market, it’s not easy to generate website traffic. It’s even harder to get your visitors to take an action if you don’t have the proper processes in place on your website. Many visitors will arrive on your website and visit the next search result if you didn’t optimize a selling sequence (sales funnel) in your website.

If your visitors aren’t take an action on your website, what is the point of having one at all? Your business can be a lead generating machine and help you reach your business goals if you focus on website conversions in your website strategy. Conversions is so much more than just the design of your website. Your whole business strategy and message should be portrayed on your website.

Here’s a couple of tips to help you get started so that your visitors can take an action on your website to drive website conversions.

Website conversion tips

Sales funnel: This is the purpose and central focus of your website. What do you want your visitors to do once they arrive? Make it clear with call to actions. Examples are: download now, buy now, contact us, email, free quote, etc.

Sales process: If your visitor doesn’t know what to do on your website, they will leave. Guide them through your sales process. Every page on your website should be designed and optimized with a call to action. Don’t make the user thing. Guide them.

Email responders: If you have an email newsletter signup form, use your auto responders wisely. People are more than likely to purchase a specific product or service after they have been exposed to a certain message a couple of times.

Measurement: Always make a point of measuring the results of your website with analytics. What pages are getting the most attention? Can you optimize these better? If you didn’t have analytics, you wouldn’t know where you should focus your attention on, and which pages you can optimize for better results. Regular visit your pages and update the content until you are getting the results that you want.