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Does your website really connect with your visitors a on a personal level or does it bombard them with hard core statistics and facts about your business? It’s the truth that every website has a personality and you should use that your advantage. This can also distinguish your uniqueness in the industry and help with your internet marketing strategy.

Crafting the best personality for your websites will help you connect on a personal level with your visitors and convert them into customers. Use your website personality to accommodate your whole visitor experience by building trust and a a likeable personality that people want to connect with. This will enable your visitors to stay on your website and hear what you are talking about.

How do you get started with building personality on your site?

Website personality tips

Trust: Build trust into every aspect of your website. This includes your content, design, and tone that you are using.

Design: This includes all the design elements of your website and should be designed so that your visitors can feel right at home in the first few seconds of viewing your site. Don’t make your website look like a circus.

Message: Make your website message clear and to the point. Don’t overuse text on images and use the correct headings so that it makes sense.

Navigation: Can you easily navigate your website and find what you are looking for or is it a complete mess and you have to search for answers everywhere? Make your navigation as easy as possible so users can find what they are looking for quickly.

Excitement: Does your website spark excitement or is it extremely boring? make a point of exciting your visitors by talking in their own language and tone.