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When you’re new to using Twitter, it seems like a very slim place for you to be or to use. There aren’t any followers for you and you’ve not followed anyone yet and the site looks very much like a no man’s land to you and your company. In order to use it correctly, having it look like the desert is just fine for starters. You’ll want to be sure that you’re got the kind of page that is going to net the followers.

One of the keys is to ensure that your website is mirrored in your Twitter social media page. If you’re keeping the Twitter page looking like the basic blue that is default for every new user, chances are good that you’re not going to be taken seriously as a business. Get your site in order and then begin to follow the people that you’d like to see following you back.

Custom create your Twitter page in order to make it as closely aligned to your regular website as possible. To accomplish that, go to Settings, and then to profile. Add a profile photo that may be your own or may be a logo of your website.  Lately Twitter has given a few other options that allow businesses and others to create a more unique presence and will allow you to make your business mark on Twitter.

A great many people will begin to follow others as soon as they get their custom page out. One of the things that they will do is to follow celebrities but the reality is that it is not going to help your business to do that. Follow companies and people who are relevant to your business. It’s smarter not to do a business follow for a competitor. What you really want to do in order to find followers of your own is to follow those companies and people who are going to be related to you. For example if you’re a floor cleaner, following moving companies may net you a few new jobs. Most people clean the carpets when they are moving out or moving in so that is a related company that could do you some good in your business promotions.