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LinkedIn is so much more than just a social media marketing medium that you can use to market your business, products, and services. It’s a professional social network that you can use to generate new business and find many opportunities. It’s also a powerful tool that you can use for research such as doing background checks on your competition, and even prospective employers. There are millions of professionals on LinkedIn. Use this to your advantage.

Imagine going to big networking event filled with professionals in your target market that you have never met. You might know who they are, but nothing else. Use LinkedIn to research these people and find ways how you can connect with them directly.

LinkedIn research

Research people you want to connect with: Use LinkedIn to find connections within your own network to connect with. Research and learn what they do before you meet with them. You can find out where someone has worked previously, what interests them, what qualifications they have, and more. LinkedIn displays their work history, recommendations they have received, and can reveal who they are on a personal level. Powerful information that you can use.

Research competitors: Search and review your current competitors on LinkedIn. Review their current employees and what they are doing. What skillsets are they employing? Are they successful? By researching them you can get a good sense of what they are currently doing, and what they are aiming for. Use this to your advantage to make your own campaign even better.

Review future employers: The more you know about your future employer, the better decision you can make if they have any opening positions you might be interested in. Search for their name on LinkedIn, who previously worked for them, and where people are going after they leave them. Do they have employees that are dedicated to their brand?