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Facebook is the biggest social media channel around and sporting with over a billion members. Think about it. It’s not huge. It’s massive. If you are not using Facebook as a social media marketing medium and to engage with your community, now is the time to consider adding this social media medium to your marketing mix. Facebook marketing can strengthen your overall marketing campaigns.

Facebook has many features that are powerful and that can help you grow your business online if you use it correctly. Being on Facebook and just creating a profile or a fan page won’t cut it. You need to work out a strategy that will help you reach your business goals. Find a couple of tips below that can help you get started with this.

Facebook marketing tips

Facebook profile: Make sure you have a professional and optimized profile that will make an impact to the people you are trying to reach. Think of your profile as the look and feel of your business. Use a professional cover photo, profile image, contact information, and links to your other web properties so that people can reach you. You can also include basic information of your work history and your interests to your profile.

Networking: Set a bit of time a side each day to invite people to your profile. Networking online is the same as traditional networking. Be helpful and friendly. Remember that the same rules apply online as offline when networking. Be yourself and don’t expect people will network with you if you approach them the wrong way.

Facebook business page: Create a Facebook business page directly connected to your business. Use a professional cover photo and profile image for your business. Add operating hours, website address, and some basic information about your business on the about section. You can also add photos and rich media to enhance your business page. Invite your clients to engage with your directly on your business page.

Blogging: If you have a blog, aggregate new blog posts and updates directly to your business page on Facebook. This can increase your engagement score as you now have another medium where people can comment on your blog posts and share it with their own network.

Comments: Don’t just create your personal and business profile on Facebook and expect your target audience will flock to you. Make a point of engaging with other people and comment on other business pages or groups. By reaching out, the more exposure you will get.