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An optimized business blog marketing strategy together with a traditional internet marketing strategy is an effective marketing method that you can use when you are starting up a new business. Blogging that is part of the social media hub, is one of the fastest ways of announcing your business and to build up brand authority online.  It is a quick method to get the word out about your business and what you do.

With your blog, you can build up your own network. There’s an ever increasing number of people that regularly reads blogs on a daily basis as their source of news and information.

New companies starting out should look into launching a blog combined with their website for maximum exposure.  The blog can be integrated as part of the website, or reside on a sub domain of the main business website – A combined approach using a blog and a website is usually the fastest approach. You can get a much broader reach by using both. A website and a blog have different functions.

Your website

You can see your website as the marketing and advertising piece.  Your new website should be the marketing focus that displays the advantages and information about your services or products. Your website should also inform the users of the benefits and conveniences of using your business. When starting out and you are interested in traffic, focus on Pay Per Click (PPC) together with some on page Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  The on page SEO will be much slower to attract organic rankings but in the long run, can work out more cost effectively than PPC.

Your blog

Your blog should always provide interesting and unique content that “targeted” readers will find interesting. Your blog can gain a readership much more quickly if you follow a content marketing plan. Your blog can provide your website with direct referral traffic and be valuable for your website.  When creating a new blog post, be sure to link keywords in your anchor text to the most relevant pages on your website.  This will help with the organic SEO rankings on the search engines for your website.

Your website and blog will most likely reach different audiences, have different focuses, have different engagement tones, but still strive to reach targeted prospects. Your blog and website reinforce each other to help you gain the best exposure on the web.