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Online it’s all about building trust and credibility. Show that your business is the logical and credible one to do business with online. You can build your business story directly into your owned online media such as your website and blog to differentiate your business and brand from your competition.

One easy way to do this that you can start immediately is by educating your readers on what exactly you are doing and to let them know that you are the leader in your niche. This is called education based marketing where you educate your visitors and targeted audience. How do you get started? Find below a couple of tips to help you with this.

Education based marketing

Message: Position your business as the leader and expert in your niche that protects your visitors from all the hidden dangers in your industry. You can educate them on all the problems and hidden trends in making purchased regarding your niche. What are the problems associated with your products and services? Offer them a solution that they cannot refuse.

Home page: Use the home page of your website to explain all the advantages of using your organization instead of your competition for business. Build a company story to explain all the differences with your business and how you can help them.

Business story: You can also use your business story in the about page of your website. How is your approach innovative, different, and helping your clients navigate all the hidden dangers that others ignore?

Incentives: Provide your visitors with incentives such as a free report that can be used with a list building campaign. This report should be interesting and attention grabbing.

Email marketing: With your email marketing campaign, if you get a new subscriber, follow up with a couple of emails related to “educational marketing” together with auto responders. Depending on your campaign, this could be every week.

Video marketing: Create a couple of short videos that educate and inform your website visitors. When presented by a key employee within your organization, it can put a friendly face on your business. People like to do business with people that they trust and like. Video is a great way to achieve this.