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One of the most important copywriting, search engine optimisation and overall internet marketing methods is to use specific keywords based on intent to entice a user click through to your content or to buy directly from you. It’s a fact that your website should always create a strong emotional connection with your target audience that appeals to them. By using keywords focused on intent you can do this.

With digital marketing there are certain words that you should use in your content that will spark interest and curiosity. Using specific keywords can tap directly into their emotions and this is what you want. Using these words in your copywriting will also help you generate targeted traffic to your website that will convert better because you will offer content to your visitors that they want to reach. What keywords can you use to focus on intent?

Keyword ideas that are focused on intent

  • Free: This is a keyword that many people are searching for. Who doesn’t want something free.
  • Fast: Using this can create urgency and immediacy.
  • Guarantee: Everyone wants piece of mind when shopping online. Use this to establish trust.
  • Save: Everyone wants to save money.
  • Discount: Who doesn’t want a discount. This can be a strong influencing keyword.
  • Limited: This also creates immediacy and urgency because the offer, service or product is limited.
  • New: This can make people curious in finding out what is new.
  • Simple: Keep everything simple and to the point.
  • Amazing: If it’s amazing, say that it is.
  • Proven: With this, people don’t have to guess if it will really work or solve their problem. It’s proven.
  • You: You can use this word to directly speak to the reader.

You should also create your content so that it grabs the attention of your readers and to encourage them to take an action. Do this by focusing on intent keywords.