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The social media revolution is still going full throttle and now it includes the Google’s +1 button.  On most of the popular websites, blogs, and other online portals, you will see popular social sharing options such as “Tweet this” or “Like” it on Facebook. Google’s +1 button works very similar to the Facebook “Like” button and it is following the same simple concept where you can include the button on your blog or website pages giving a way for interested users to promote your business with their network.

Even though this facility has been around for a while, don’t ignore all the options to make your content travel.

The Google +1 button comes as an extension with your Google+ account. If you have been following some of the articles from blogs and other online news sites, you will know that Google+ is seen as a rival to Facebook that is the most dominant social networking site at the moment .

Easy way to like and recommend content

The Google +1 button provides and easy way to like and recommend interesting content to the world of Google where all the +1’s are visible to the public. The addition of the latest features on Google+ will most definitely appeal to Google+ members and other Web 2.0 demographics. The Google +1 button has already shown a success and growth within the first two months that this new social network has been live. From the millions of websites and blogs that has integrated the Google +1 button, it is busy generating over 4 billion views a day. That number is quite staggering.

Another way to make your content travel

The Google +1 button is very easy to integrate on your website and it gives your content another way of being shared by interested readers.  The shared content appeals to all of those that want Google’s search results that are made personally relevant to them. The shared and commented posts will help to increase the trust of what is actually being advertised in reality.  The Google +1 button has been designed to increase the quality of targeted traffic to websites that uses this feature as its basis on the sharing aspect of Web 2.0 which has made it so popular all around the world by gathering personal recommendations of others.