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Social media, blog marketing, SEO, PPC – it’s always about marketing your message to your target audience. But does your target audience actually listen to you? What is your marketing message about? Is it telling people how great you, your business, services and products are or does it consist of content to actually help them?

If your answer is yes to the second question, well done. If it’s not, read on. Helping your target audience with their problems and queries is the name of the game with internet marketing, and there is no better way of doing it than through educational marketing. How does it work?

Educational marketing tips

LinkedIn is a powerful social media channel that you can use with your educational marketing campaign. Use this network to drive your target audience to your products and services. Join relevant LinkedIn groups and showcase your credibility by answering questions and helping other people solve their problems.

The key with using LinkedIn for educational marketing successfully is that you should craft your marketing message in a way that teaches and provide information on a specific topic relevant to your business. When you take this approach, people are more than likely to listen and engage with you than a pure pumped up sales message is just about getting the word out about how great you are.

LinkedIn is just one channel that you can use to start with educational marketing. In my experience, I have found that by using a blog as part of your website can also play a big role. When you regularly publish unique content about solving your visitor’s problems and answering their queries, you can build a steady stream of returning visitors to your blog that will be interested in what you have to say. Your blog can also be integrated with the social media channels that you are using such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to automatically syndicate your new blog posts to these channels. Just be careful, doing it this way might look spammy if you are only using your blog to syndicate content.

Be smart with your internet marketing strategy. Educate your target audience.