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A corporate business blog really doesn’t have to boring. To get targeted readers to your blog, you need quality and relevant content that will satisfy their need, and the only way that you can quickly grab their attention is with a great blog post title. With millions of blogs being updated everyday, how are you going to stand out with your blog posts? What makes you different?

If you are looking to grab the attention of members on popular social media marketing channels, then you will need to write your blog post titles that will connect them with their emotions and needs. The biggest mistake that many blog writers make is to answer a need in the content title. To give you an example; if you sell swimming pool accessories, you might be tempted to write a blog post title such as “Top ten swimming pool accessories”. The title sounds all well and fine, but it is not necessarily going to hook into a readers emotions and answer their need.

You can rewrite the title to be more fun such as “Looking for the best fun you can have in a swimming pool?”, and you are then creating a hook to control the visitor in. In truth, a reader may not even be thinking about “swimming pools”, but that title can tweak and plant a seed in their brain that they can remember.

Ask questions with your blog post titles

Asking questions when you are writing blog posts also helps you focus on something when writing your content. If you can answer the questions in your content, the reader might go away satisfied with the answer, or perhaps click on your  CTA (call to action) that is visible on your content. Questions often stand out in social media because people are looking for answers.

Blogging is an excellent way to support your search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing campaigns. Make your blog posts stand out with catchy blog post titles.