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Let’s go social and get you trained!

As we are all aware social media is great in driving repeat business and attracting new clients. Connecting your different social media platforms to your website and other communication mediums such as messenger and WhatsApp.

Now is the time to train your staff or yourself on how to utilise these platforms to best represent your business and increase the level of client service.


Digital Marketing Workshops

Firstly, we need to establish what social media training is required for each business as this will vary from business to business. Once this has been established will the training be done on the location of our choice or at company premises. 

  • Training can be done to get you started with digital marketing.
  • Training will give you insights on getting organic rankings and traffic from Google.
  • Training will be done to generate a stream of leads and sales using social media.
  • Training to develop or create a social media strategy.
  • Training on how to generate and perform keyword research.
  • Training on how to post relevant, engaging material.
  • Training on creating a social media calendar.
  • Training to manage or keep your website or eCommerce shop updated.


Training Workshops

Training can be tailored for groups or individuals.


  • Digital Marketing Training: Advance your digital marketing strategy and campaigns.
  • SEO Training: This training consists of using various on-page and off-page search engine optimisation methods to increase your keyword rankings on Google and to generate organic traffic to your website. Intermediate and advance level available.
  • Google Ads Training: Start using Google Ads successfully and create, update, and manage campaigns on this platform.
  • Social Media Selling Training: This training consists of various social media tips, tricks, and tactics to generate a stream of leads and sales, building your community and making it work for your business. Intermediate and advance level available.
  • Online Reputation Management Training: This training will teach you how to build your digital footprint and protecting your online reputation.
  • Ecommerce Marketing Training: This will teach you how to start your own online store and start selling online. Intermediate and advance level available.
  • WhatsApp Marketing: This workshop will show you how to leverage the power of WhatsApp to quickly grow, multiply and expand your business!.
  • Microsoft 365 Training: This will teach you how to manage your office in an efficient and productive way and giving you the correct tools to ensure you enforce all tools effectively.

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