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The reason for that was a myth that came out along with WordPress that it wasn’t very powerful and wasn’t very changeable and could be used for just a few things and nothing more.

When WordPress first came out, it had a questionable reputation as a content management system. It became known around the world as simply “blog” software and that was all that it could be used for. In fact, nothing is further from the truth. Calling WordPress a blog software is like labeling video as just another photo. WordPress is unlimited power and unlimited use all rolled into one software.

With the right theme and the right development company, WordPress can be nearly anything that you want it to be and more. WordPress websites offer more than  just the ability to create posts. While we’re at it, let’s clear up that myth once and for all. A website can be a blog and a blog can be a website. They are interchangeable. There is no difference, only what you do with them. WordPress offers you the means to use blog posts and to put them in easily and quickly. It also offers you the means to use static pages which will remain in place until you change them.

WordPress allows you to make most of the changes yourself so that you’re initial design may be all that you will have to pay for.
Wordpress allows you to spend less time on learning the new software. It is very easy to use and you can add content to it, change the pages, or simply schedule new posts to appear whenever you want them to show up and not have to visit the site for days.
With just one or two plugins, you’ve got a membership site, a community site, a site that offers you automatic email capacity and which is friendly to social networking.

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