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If you want to be great with internet marketing, you have to think like your customers. Give the visitors to your website exactly what they want and when they need it. Internet marketing should always start with understanding your target audience and why they are going to visit your website. Once you know this, you can help them by giving them the content, answers and solutions they are looking for. Once you get this going, you have struck a gold mine with internet marketing.

Who’s your target audience? What problems are they currently experiencing? What can your business do to help them make a decision? What are they searching for online? Answer these questions and present them with content with a clear call to action. Here’s a couple of tips to help you get started with this.

Internet marketing tips

Target audience: Who’s your best customers and what motivates them? Are they currently having problems? What content will trigger them to search for you online? Where are they searching for help online?

Keywords: People are searching for solutions and answers using a variety of channels online. Most people are using Google by typing a couple of “keywords” related to their problem. Do some keyword research on what these people are searching for and optimise your website using these keywords.

Content: When people arrive on your website, don’t make them think or look for the answers. Optimise your content so that the answers can be clearly seen. Demonstrate in your content that you have the best solution to the problem they are experiencing.

Assurance: This is very important and make sure that you are building trust with every step of the whole process. Have a professional looking website, add trust logos and partners to your website. Your content should also be of the highest quality.

Call to action: Make sure you have a great call to action tied in your sales funnel that is not misleading. Make it clear on what steps the user should take and always provide them with reassurance.