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Internet marketing plays a huge role if you want to beat your competitors on the search engines with your website or blog, but is that the only thing you should worry about when you want to launch a new website? A successful website that produces sales is so much more than just a great looking design and concept.

There’s a science connected to having a great website and it involves many things to consider such as on and off page SEO, social media marketing, usability, content, etc. Find below a couple of tips to consider before you create a new website.

Website design tips

Know your audience: Do you understand why the visitors are coming to your website? What questions do they want answered? The goal with your website should always be to present a website that clearly solves their issue. If you can answer their questions – why will they look elsewhere?

Call to action: If you have created a solution to your visitors problems, make it clear, compelling and visible on your home page. Design a straight selling sequence with a clear call to action so that your visitors can exactly know what the next steps are. Design trust elements into your website to lessen their fears and show them that you are indeed trustworthy.

Engagement: It is really not easy to create a lasting impression with a single encounter. Create a way to interact with your visitors on an ongoing basis. Use newsletters and have an interactive blog connected to your website so that your visitors can leave comments. Add social reviews to the services and products that you sell. You can also achieve this with email marketing, online surveys, social media profile links, etc.

Traffic: It is very important to decide where you want your traffic to come from before you launch your website.  Are you only interested in paid advertising such as PPC, SEO, email marketing, social media? This will help you define and create a clear digital marketing strategy for targeted audiences.

Improving: Always measure the results of your internet marketing strategy. Create a Google analytics account that you can use to monitor various statistics related to your website such as number of visitors, origination, keywords that were used, etc. Chart these metrics on a regular basis so that you can monitor your progress.