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Content marketing is where you publish articles that are relevant and related to the services and products of your business on your own website and other content value directories. The content are not always promotional articles, they should be informative, interesting, and educational to your target audience. In the content you use specific keyword phrases that relates to the most relevant page on your website, and it works the same way as when you optimize the pages of your website.

In the author bio section of the content that you publish, you can usually add a short description about yourself (the author) and add a link or two back to your website. The link you use should always be to the most relevant page on your website. You can then submit your content to article directories and other related article syndication channels. This will allow anyone to republish the content on their own website or blog as long as they keep the links and your bio in the content. Each time the content gets published, you will benefit with keyword rich links pointing back to your own business website.

Minimum article length

As a general rule of thumb, your content articles should be a minimum of 400 words. Readers usually prefers shorter articles as people are not searching anymore, but filtering. Search engines prefer longer articles, but if you keep to a minimum of 400 words, you can satisfy both the search engines and human readers.

For content articles to become sticky they should be well written. Great content articles takes effort, lots of research, and time to write. The content that you use should always be relevant and original.

What benefits can you enjoy with content marketing?

Links: If people enjoy reading your content articles, they can produce valuable links pointing back to your website. In the anchor text of the links that you use in your articles, use keyword phrases that you target.

Build credibility: When you publish articles that are valuable and relevant to your market niche, you can build credibility by becoming the expert in your market. You will build a strong reputation as the authority in your market and your profile can be mentioned on related websites in your industry.