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With all the latest updates on Google, search engine optimization (SEO) has a really bad reputation to many online marketers. Many people simply don’t trust SEO’s due mostly to bad advice these people often give. Some of those “internet marketers” are really shady characters that doesn’t have any ethics. You will find many people that are giving out advice based on articles they have read on blogs and they have outdated information regarding SEO.

One piece of advice that is often spoken about and that shouldn’t be is to change your search engine optimization tactics and strategy based on all the search engine algorithm updates such as the Penguin and Panda updates by Google. To be honest, if you are changing your SEO strategy all the time based on these updates, then you are most likely not doing SEO correctly to start with.

Good and solid SEO

Good and solid SEO has always relied on one good strategy; write good content for humans – not robots. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus on the search engines, you should, but just not first.

In plain English: The content that you use for your on page optimization should be written for human visitors and not the search engines. This simply means that you shouldn’t overdo any optimization part of your website to focus only on the search engines. Yes you should still optimize your websites, but don’t overdo it. Focus first on the people visiting your website before you are going to focus on the search engines.

Most website owners that saw their precious organic rankings drop was because their websites were over optimized and they listened to bad and negative SEO advice. Search engine optimization is exactly the same as it was five years ago with a few different options. It will be the same a few years from now. Practice good SEO methods and you will reap the rewards.