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It’s a well known fact that people judges a book by it’s cover. With online businesses, this is the same. Your website and image online is a direct reflection of who you are and what you do. It’s how people online perceive your business. With more people going online everyday, web users are most definitely making judgements about the credibility of online business based on the image of your business website.

Think about it this way. Will you buy an expensive car from a complete stranger? Most likely not. The price may be good, but you probably won’t trust a complete stranger. The same goes for your website design strategy. If you had a dull cheap looking website, do you think your visitors will trust you? People online will judge you by the design of your website. Find a couple of tips below to make sure your website design is appealing.

Website design tips for a better online image

Impression lasts: The first impression with website design last. This includes all the design elements such as the layout, imagery, and even the typography used. The design shouldn’t look like a circus but professional to get your message across. How can you make sure with your website design that your visitors view the most important things first? Use headlines and graphics to showcase your business.

Who you say you are: Your website should look professional and credible. Does it showcase who you are? If you are focusing on business to business customers, does your website appeal to this crowd? Make your offering and services clear to your visitors.

Trustworthy: Does the design of your website look trustworthy or the same as a fly by night business. Include affiliation logos on your website. Also, if you have customer reviews, showcase these on your website. People are more likely to trust the recommendation from someone else than from you.

Your website is your image and footprint to the online world. Users make their judgement based on the design of your website. Don’t settle for a mediocre website, instead, make your website professional.