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For internet marketing companies using local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a given.  You have most likely heard about local SEO before.  What is it exactly? Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website and other online profiles to target a specific audience geographically. Depending on your business and internet marketing strategy, local SEO can give you a good boost on the search engines.

To give you an example – if you are a retail business that entirely operates within a certain area of Bloemfontein, why not apply local SEO to your website so that people can find you when they are searching for any of your services in Bloemfontein? Using local SEO to focus on your geographical area can significantly boost you over your competition.

Register your location on the search engines

How do you start a local SEO campaign for your website? Digital marketing agencies can work all this out for you but if you would like to do it yourself, find a couple of tips below that can help you with this process.

This is a simple process where you have to register your location with all the major search engines. Google as you know is the top search engine.  Register your business on Google Places, Facebook Places, Foursquare and other related 3rd party location services.

Other local portals

Register on other local services such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc that are national and worldwide.  Research for any other local sites that are more specific to your city or area. Doing this provides you with the chance to turn up in related local search for the region you are operating in.

A good way of finding out which sites you should be listing your business on is to review some of the top ranking competitors in your region and finding out where they are listed. This can be done with a simple search on Google using the competitor name followed by their address or location.

On page SEO

This is by the easiest method and it involves the local on page optimization of your website.  Use your address prominently in your website titles, meta titles, heading tags, contact us, etc.