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The importance of keywords in your domain name

For Search Engine Optimization (SEO), having dedicated keywords in your domain name can definitely give you some benefit and it can influence your ranking as well. Even though when choosing a domain name with keywords in it will help you, the most important part of choosing a domain name is about branding and building trust.

Here’s a couple of tips that can help you with the domain name choosing process

Choosing a domain name

Local domain: Try to choose a TLD (top level domain) name in the country that you operate in.  If you are operating in South Africa, use a .co.za domain.

Company name: If you are only after branding, choosing your company name as the domain name is excellent. People will trust you more if you use your company name as your domain name as they can associate it with your business.

Keywords: Using dedicated keywords in your domain name can give you a slight boost in rankings. This is a minor ranking factor, but depending on your competition, every little bit helps. The best in my experience is if you combine keywords with your company name.

Easy to remember: Be creative when choosing a domain name and pick one that will be easy to remember. The easiest ones to remember are usually the shorter domain names.

Domain age: It is a proven fact that older domains will do better in getting top rankings on the search engine result pages. In my experience, domains that are two years and older performs better at ranking.

Renewal: If you have the option, renew your domain for the longest period possible. This can also give you a slight boost in rankings.

If you are in a competitive market, every little bit helps. Your domain name can play an important role in your business.