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Here we have given 10 different ways to increase traffic through Social Media. Implementing these 10 ways is a great starting point to your Social Media strategy. Once you have implemented these 10 tips contact us to plan a comprehensive Social Media Strategy.

  1. If you’re using Twitter, then you should know that tweets that contain links are more likely to be shared than tweets that do not contain links.
  2. Mixing up the type of posts you do can keep people guessing: alternating between witty messages and link-based posts can create a varied page.
  3. People who help promote others on social media are more likely to find other people returning the favor for them. Some people will start following you even after you pass a few of their posts around, while other people will be attracted to your social media page when you’ve demonstrated that you are willing to help other people get noticed on social media.
  4. Whenever you’ve posted something new to your website, make a note of it on your social media pages.
  5. Build up a rapport with the people you meet through social media. Networking has always been about establishing contacts on a personal level. Social media marketing isn’t any different, despite the barriers that communicating through the Internet can create.
  6. Try to use multiple social media outlets, if you have the time to do so. Some of your potential audience will have a preference for certain social media websites. By not confining yourself to any single social media website, you’ll potentially be able to attract a wider range of people. It’s better to cast your net far and wide.
  7. Learning the fundamentals of SEO can help anyone with social media marketing. Creating website posts that people are likely to share on social media can be tremendously helpful, and potential fans need to be able to find your website and web content first.
  8. Form concentrated networks with other people who share your interests. Social media allows you to create a community of like-minded people relatively quickly, and people involved with social media marketing should use that to their advantage.
  9. Try to post relatively frequently, so people know to check your page regularly.
  10. When marketing, try to form professional relationships with your potential customers, and not just people who are essentially doing the same thing as you. Reaching out to your potential customers, if applicable, is much more likely to help you in a business sense than just teaming up with others in your field, although that can certainly help as well.