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Blogging has been around for many many years and is still a valuable medium for social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Blog commenting on other blogs used to be a good practice to acquire links and to gain targeted traffic to your own website or blog. Does this practice still work or is it a waste of time with all the algorithm updates of Google?

If you are wondering if it still works… it does. If you leave blog comments on relevant industry related blogs, they can be read by other people, especially if you aren’t writing rubbish and they are specific adding more knowledge to the blog topic. To start with blog commenting, always start your writing with a positive angle. You can then follow up your comment by explaining your point of view if you disagree or agree with the content of the article. Commenting this way is seen as valuable because you are contributing to the blog post.

Still have your doubts with blog commenting? Find a couple of blog commenting benefits below.

Blog commenting benefits

Traffic: If you write good comments, you can receive a lot of referral traffic to your website and blog from people that have found your point of view interesting. Only leave blog comments on blogs that are relevant to your business and niche. This can help you generate a steady stream of traffic.

Link building: Even though many blogs disregard the fact that you only want to comment for the sake of acquiring a backlink, use this to your advantage and make sure your comment doesn’t contain rubbish. Stick to the topic of the post and be insightful with your comment.

Brand awareness: Blog commenting is an excellent way that you can use to build brand awareness for your business. Only comment by giving insightful content explaining your point of view and why you agree disagree with the topic of the blog post. This is also a great way to establish recognition and credibility in your niche.