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If you are a new business, internet marketing might be a bit daunting for you. Technology and the digital world is evolving at a rapid rate and many don’t really understand technology that well. Marketing online is so much less about the physical technology involved and all about engaging and connecting with your target audience. It’s all about communicating your message to people that wants to hear it.

Internet marketing is not very different than traditional marketing. To be successful in this field, you have to help people (your target audience) with their queries and problems. If you can provide them with answers to their questions, will they do business with you? Maybe not right away, but the fact remains that you would have built up trust and credibility with them.

Here’s a couple of tips to get started with internet marketing

Internet marketing tips

  • Design: Never design your website so that it looks complicated to use. Keep it simple and to the point. Focus on your core message and how you can showcase what you stand for.
  • Message: You will get visitors to your website that are looking for answers or a solution to a problem. Make a point of understanding who these people are and how you can help them with their query. Make it easy to navigate and understand your message.
  • Call to action: Use a clear sales funnel and call to action on your website pages. Get people to sign up for a news letter, request a quote, or contact you. Make your content engaging to make people come back for more.
  • Offer advice: With internet marketing, it’s all about engaging with your target audience. Use help videos and an FAQ section where you can answer the most common questions your target audience will be asking.
  • Traffic: How are you going to generate traffic? Are you going to use PPC, social media or just SEO? It’s important that you decide how you are going to generate traffic as this can affect your whole website.