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Keywords is still the heart and soul of internet marketing. It’s how people will find you online. Almost all searches online starts with a question. Can your website answer the questions people are asking relevant to your business?

For SEO (search engine optimisation), doing keyword research is the most important and first step you should take. Many believe this is a hardcore process, but it’s not. You don’t need hundreds of keywords to get good rankings on the search engines and to help your target audience. You only need a few that is targeted and focused that you can use.

Here’s a couple of tips to start with keyword research.

Keyword research tips

When starting with keyword research it’s important to double check that you are using the right keywords you are going to use. These keywords should be focused and built into the very core of your website.

Problem solving: People are searching online for answers to their problems and they are looking for a solution. How can your keywords and content answer them?

Financial/buyer keywords: If you are selling services or products online, tie in specific intent that is focused on the user taking an action. This is completely different keywords than keywords focused on information only. Use phrases such as “buy now, limited offer, etc” together with your main keywords to stand out.

To the point: If you are going to use long tail phrases in your keywords many times you will have fewer competitors ranking for these terms but it will yield less traffic. Don’t be afraid of these keywords because they are targeted and to the point. Even though you will get less traffic on these keywords, when optimised correctly, they produce higher conversion rates.

Local SEO: Do you cater for local clients? If you do, focus on placing your address and area of operation prominently in the optimisation of your website so that you can be found when someone searches for you locally. Add your website to Google Places and create a listing on the business centre.

Keyword research is still the heart and gold of internet marketing. These are the words people are using when conducting a search online. Always start any internet marketing strategy with keyword research.