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If you do a simple search on Google, you will find many social media “experts” stating that there is no such thing as too much social media. If you are a business owner, then you should know that time equals money. When promoting and creating awareness for your business, it should be on the back of a plan that has goals and that focuses on your business objectives.

Everywhere you look online marketing agencies are stating that every online business should focus on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Add a blog to this mix and you will have a fairly active social media approach. This is all good, but the biggest problem most businesses face is time and dedicated resources to manage all their social media channels.

Concentrate on the effective areas

Even though there are many benefits to social media marketing, you have to concentrate only on the areas that are successful for your business. To give you an example, if you have a decent size network on your Facebook business page and your Twitter profile, if your network converts to sales, then your social media efforts are being rewarded.

If you are spending a lot of effort and time with your social media campaign and you are not getting any positive measurable results, then you should go back to the drawing board and check where you can improve your strategy. Are you engaging on your social media channels that will develop relationships or are you simply sharing meaningless content? This is a big mistake and many times found on Twitter where people haven’t taken the time to listen to what their audience are after and what interests them.

Another time-consuming method that does pay off is blogging. Blogging can become the center part of your social media campaign. Your blog can be the link between your website and your social media marketing strategy, and optimized blog posts have huge search engine optimization (SEO) potential and can also be an important source of targeted traffic to your website. Unfortunately, keeping your blog active also requires effort and time.

The same with your business, goal setting, planning, analyzing, and measuring is an important part of social media marketing and digital marketing. If done correctly, you can focus only on the areas that helping your business grow, but once again, time = money.