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We can all use a social media for marketing of our product, keeping updated with the latest trends or chatting, but not all of us know how to use the site to its full advantage.

Here are a few tips on how to use it successfully.


Outline your goals

If you compare the power of television vs. the power of Facebook, the difference is unfathomable.  In 13 years television reached 50 million users where Facebook took 3 years to reach 100 million users.  So you can see the huge difference and you can definitely see the most powerful way of bringing your information across.  Now you may ask yourself how do you use the ever growing power of social media sites to enhance your success in marketing your own company or brand?

Well, for one, you can follow these simple steps on our guideline that we have used on the social marketing site that we make use of.  It is just a guideline but I am sure you will find some of the tips very informative and can use them to market your own venture.

If you are beginning a marketing campaign for your company, follow these steps and you are sure to see an improvement in the success of your company.

Creating a successful message for your brand
Design a logo that truly represents your company/cause.  This will be the first impression that readers will get of you and it has to be a successful one. Decide on one logo and stick to it – it will make you well known if you market it correctly.

Content is very important
Your content goes far beyond just what you post on social networks about your company. Content is builds relationships with your readers and the stronger the relationship, the more they build trust in you and the more they will trust your product.

Keep being involved
It is very important to keep listening to feedback and changing some things that need changing.  It is better if you schedule a certain time daily to log into your site, read feedback and edit your details should you need to, as this not only keeps your site fresh, but it also shows your readers that you are interested and willing to take their opinions to heart.



Choosing the correct Platforms for your Business
Depending on the size of your business you will have to make use of certain platforms for your marketing.  Here are examples of different platforms and when it would be more viable to use them.


Facebook is brilliant for low cost marketing for small businesses. With about 500 million users and you can target them all by using Facebook’s powerful platform. If you have not joined onto Facebook, you should do so and then also secure your company’s username. It will be beneficial to you to search for your competitors and see how well they stand out in Facebook.  Go through their details and fan pages in detail to see exactly how they operate.  Then improve and click “enter”

Twitter’s fame is a good enough reason to make use of it for your own marketing. You could name your Twitter account your business name, making it easy to remember if you are a beginner.  Keep all names across platforms so that you can become a well known name or brand. Then visit Twitter and go through everything to become familiar with it. Also search for the names of your competitors and see how they are doing things on Twitter. Then you can begin using Twitter to your own advantage.  It will be good if you can study Twitter’s advanced tools as you will need to use them to start marketing your own venture. Some examples of the tools you can use is Tweet Deck, HootSuite and Tweetie.  They may seem a bit intricate to get used to but you will soon get the hang of it and turn into a pro!


Company Blog

If you would like to get more information out about your company, a blog is the answer. You can be on realtime conversations with anyone in the world at any given time, which is a very strong marketing tool as it gives you a platform on which to talk about your cause/product and interact with people sharing your interests at the same time.

It is easy to start but where do you go from there?  You will have created the blog using your company’s name, right?  Now you have to build an audience for it.  The best way to do it is to have 5 star content on your blog that will really interest enough people in your target market to get the wheel rolling.  And write about interesting things or at least write about your product in an interesting way. Another good tip is to post on other peoples’ blogs.  That way people all around will get to know you and once again trust you which is a very important factor regarding marketing and sales.







Being a very attractive social site you do not want to go without being on it as well. Again subscribe under your company name for reasons already mentioned.

As you well know, seeing is believing.  That is where the power of YouTube comes in.  Make short advertisements or demos on your company/product and you will be sure to get attention.  What you can also do is write a blog and add a link to You Tube that shows a video about the same kind of product as yours.

Foursquare is a valuable tool for retail businesses.  Although very small it is rapidly growing.  You will create an account and then easily interact with clients.  You can use Foursquare to promote your company, inform all about specials and offer discounts to prospective clients.  The client can also make use of Foursquare by posting their experiences with your company on the site where other possible clients will read it, making for referrals that can turn into positive sales!

The best way to get started is by joining at least 2 social media platforms to get your name out there.  You can always opt for more providing you have time to edit and do maintenance on all of them.  And good luck with your marketing venture!