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Social media have become a global phenomenon but many people wonder whether their usage is really necessary. Some cannot imagine going a day without using social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. Businesses have also incorporated social networking in their activities. The number of individuals who still avoid social networking is insignificant. These facts reveal something about the necessity and importance of social media.

Social Media Usage
One out of nine people in the world uses Facebook on a regular basis. Each Facebook user spends more than 15 hours per month exploring the network’s content and interacting with others. If it were a country, Facebook would be the world’s third largest on the basis of its members.

More than 90 percent of the US adults who use internet are members of at least one social network. Almost a quarter of all the time spent online is dedicated to social networking. Though Facebook is really prominent, other social media are experiencing similarly remarkable growth.

Networking has Become Vitally Important for Businesses
The incredible figures show that people want to use and need social networks on a daily basis.

This phenomenon has increased the importance of social networking for businesses. Promotional campaigns carried out in such websites deliver much better results than traditional forms of internet marketing. Social media provide targeting and interaction opportunities that are unavailable elsewhere.

The fact that social media marketing can be carried out free of charge increases the importance of social networks for businesses even further.

Social Networking is Key to Good Communication and Information Exchange
There were internet communication opportunities before the appearance of social networks but these websites have taken the exchange of information to a whole new level.

It is no longer about private interactions with a friend that lives far away. People can share photographs, carry out professional discussions or upload news from their country or region for the whole world to see. These features have given social networks tremendous power.

The popularity and specialization of social networking websites indicate that they are here to stay. It is difficult to tell whether social media are really necessary but they have provided new opportunities and communication options for people across the globe to enjoy. Other online trends can never catch up with the diversity and practicality of social networking.