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Everywhere you will find businesses jumping onto the social media bandwagon and starting a blog leaving it as a ghost town soon afterwards. In my opinion, blogging is the heart and soul of social media and in many of my internet marketing strategies, the focus point of the content shared on the social web.

Everyone is crazing about “social media” and how it’s at the forefront of internet marketing. Everyone also believes it’s the “latest buzz”, but in fact, blogging has been around for years and it’s part of social media.  Even though I believe blogging is great, it’s not the right answer and solutions for any business. Find below a couple of questions to consider before starting a new blog for your business and if it’s the answer you were looking for your internet marketing campaigns.

Blogging questions

Who do you want to target? Do you know your target audience? If your a local business, you might want to reach customers in your local area. How old is your target audience? If they are between 30-40, there is a good chance that they will read blogs, otherwise you may only reach a small audience.

What do you want to accomplish with your blog? What is the purpose of your blog and what do you want to accomplish? It could be to build brand awareness or establishing your business as the market leader. Set a campaign plan and follow it through. If you cannot measure what you want to accomplish, there is no point in blogging.

Why do you want to blog? Do you have any motivation to blog? If you enjoy writing content, then blogging will come natural to you.

Before you start with your blogging journey, consider everything before you take the plunge on the blogosphere. As said before, blogging can be the heart and sole of your social media marketing strategy when done correctly.