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If you are in the stages of creating a new website for your business, should you place your priority on the design of the website by creating an awesome design? Or should you invest your efforts in creating a great internet marketing strategy that will drive targeted and qualified visitors to your website that are interested in your services or products?

In my opinion, both are important but you should focus your priority first on the marketing of your website. It’s the marketing aspect that will drive visitors to your website and generate an income. Both are important as the design plays a big role in branding and showcasing who you are, but it should never be the first priority with your business online. How do you create an internet marketing strategy?

Internet marketing strategy

  • The first step is to decide exactly what you are looking for. Is your website going to act as a lead generating machine or do you want to use it where people can purchase products or services directly?
  • Next you have to know your target audience. What are these people looking for and how can you position your content to give them exactly what they are looking for. You need to understand how they think, their wants and what will make them purchase from you.
  • Next you want to build a solid sales funnel in your website through the use of specific call to actions, sign up forms or register for a newsletter. Your message and offer should make them want to complete an action.
  • Once you have your website sorted, it’s time to get visible online through the use of various paid advertising techniques, search engine optimisation and social media.

Having an internet marketing strategy that works is worth gold online. Always focus your priorities on internet marketing so that you can reach the people you are targeting.