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Website Maintenance

Website maintenance plays a hugely important role in your online growth. A website that is not updated on a regular basis will begin to lose its rankings in the search engines. It will also be at risk for security breaches and other potential problems. When software is out of date, there is a greater risk of lost data – especially when backups are not done on a routine basis. Regular maintenance ensures that your website runs at its optimal performance, keeping your site secure and preventing problems before they arise. 

Over and beyond the more obvious website health benefits of regular maintenance, another potential problem that arises from an out of date website is customer experience. When websites are not running at their best, they are slow loading and harder to navigate. This can have a direct impact on your results. When outdated plugins and software are used and your website is not maintained, your site can end up looking unprofessional, affecting your reputation in the process.

Luckily, there is a simple and cost-effective way to keep your website in optimal conditional. Our website maintenance solutions are designed to maintain your website on your behalf, with a range of services included and an affordable monthly retainer.

Website Maintenance Solutions

If you are still trying to decide whether website maintenance is something you need, you’re not alone. Many businesses assume that websites can be set up and then forgotten about. The trouble with this is that technology changes on a rapid basis. Every day, new plugins, software versions, security patches, and platform updates arise. Much as it becomes hard to keep running your computer on an outdated operating system, it becomes very difficult to keep your website going when it is not up to date. Outdated websites are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks, putting you at risk of hacks, data breaches and other major risks.

When your website is maintained on a regular basis, however, it will be far easier to keep it updated to the latest versions of all plugins, patches and software. It will also ensure that small problems are not left to become big problems that are far harder to resolve. As a result, your website will be high-performing, fast-loading, secure, and up to date. 
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