Website & Email Hosting

Hosting Packages

Hosting is an essential part of been online and must be planned for. It is crucial to realize that website hosting has many elements and one must not be caught off guard by deals from R15 per month. These package are not necessary incorrect but could lead to more costing than budgeted for as it does not cater for your needs. Normally these very cheap hosting packages only caters for the bare minimum.

There is two elements to hosting namely Website Hosting & Email Hosting. Both utilize disc space and bandwidth. These are the two biggest components that differentiate the costing. More features also needs to be looked at such as  spam filters, backups, platforms accommodated and much more.

Basic Website Hosting

To have a Basic Website Hosting package does not mean you need to short sell your presence online. Dedicated online time of 99.8% up-time means you are available to do business when required to do so.

Standard Website Hosting

Standard Website Hosting is for your traditional websites such guesthouses, hardware retailers, doctors, car dealers etc. These are your static websites with little to a little interaction platforms.

Advance Website Hosting

The advance website hosting makes provision for websites that not only want a static website but also has interaction leading to a ROI. This can be for social platform interactions integrated with forums and even for a eCommerce business online.

Master Website Hosting

Master website hosting is for all the whistle and bells encouraging interaction, forums participation, eCommerce sales etc. This package normally covers most packages and needs for online website hosting.

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