VoIP Services

VoIP Services

3DOM Digital Communications & Marketing Agency offers tailored VoIP services to companies wanting to harness the power of voice communications. We provide a comprehensive VoIP phone service to businesses across South Africa and beyond. This service includes implementation, the supply of handsets and ongoing support. 

Our VoIP services can help you save a great deal on phone calls. With no need for copper wires or regular phone handsets, these phones connect to the internet. This means that calls can be made from any location, provided you have a reliable internet connection. 



Our VoIP Services

3DOM Agency’s VoIP services give you access to a selection of voice over IP phones. We also help you implement your phones to get the full benefit of VoIP. 

These phones use local area networks, connecting the phone system and phones via the internet. Phones can be used in the office, taken to meetings, used at home or used for remote work. In today’s climate of remote working, this makes the phones an excellent way to ensure that your team stays connected. 

Some of the benefits offered by our VoIP solutions include easier video conferencing, from anywhere in the world; no need for handsets as calls can be made from computers or mobile devices; scalability, to ensure that your solutions always meet your current needs; and increased productivity, which supports a streamlined communications strategy and integration with third-party apps and tools.

To get started with voice calling, contact us today for more information on our VoIP services.