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YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a video sharing site that gives its users the ability to upload and view videos online. The obvious benefit of using YouTube is that videos have the potential of becoming viral, getting passed from website to website, e-mail to e-mail or even from one blog to the next. According to Nielsen/NetRating, YouTube consistently ranks in the top 10 of all websites; therefore having a well optimized and personalized channel on YouTube can give you incomparable exposure for your products and services on the internet.

What is a YouTube Channel?

In simple terms a channel is a name for a user’s profile which other users can access to see which videos you have uploaded, subscribe to your videos and see which your favorite are. The obvious benefit of using a channel is that it can be personalized to reflect the personality of your products and services. Here is how you can personalize your channel.

Channel Info – Here you can enter your title and description for your channel page. Personalizing this section can help you optimize your videos so that they get found when people search for related videos.

Channel Design – this is where you can change the look and feel of your channel. You can select a color scheme that suits your products and services that you are trying to promote.

Personal Info – This section lets you enter personal information to be displayed on your channel. You can use this section to provide information about the products and services you are trying to promote.

Location Info – This is where you enter the location of your business. It is essential to also enter your ZIP codes.