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Instagram Marketing

Embrace the huge reach of social media with Instagram marketing that is made to get your brand out there. Instagram has become more than a social channel and more of a phenomenon. Celebrities, influencers and brands showcase their best selves, while individuals do the same. 

Building a following on Instagram is essential in order to get seen on this massive channel. In order to achieve this and gain likes, the first step lies in having a solid Instagram marketing strategy in place. 

From images to videos stories, Instagram is driven by visuals. This is the first major social network that relies almost entirely on visuals rather than text-based updates. Although any type of visual can be shared, those that stand out are the ones that have a high impact that instantly captures attention. Business profiles that make use of on-brand visuals and messaging, along with smart hashtags, have the best chance of standing out in a crowded space. Instagram is all about making it easier to be in the spotlight, in order to reach more people and grow your following. It helps you market your products and services in a fun, light-hearted way that boosts brand awareness, too. 


Instagram Marketing Solutions

One of the most common types of Instagram marketing strategies is influencer marketing. In the earlier days of Instagram, this was done differently. High profile users such as celebrities and those with massive followers were contacted to promote products that often did not have much relevance. Although this brought in traffic, it did not convert to sales. Today’s approach makes use of micro-influencers, who have smaller followings within a very relevant niche. The result is an audience that is far more primed to purchase. 

Over and beyond this type of strategy, common campaigns that can be run on this channel include sponsored content, hashtag challenges and campaigns, sale countdowns, seasonal content, engaging or interactive content, and various other campaigns that help you connect to your audience in an authentic way. 

If you’d like to learn more about how 3DOM Digital Communications Agency can help you grow your brand on this platform, contact us and let’s talk more about our Instagram marketing solutions.