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What is a top converting website and how is it separate from an average website? A top converting website always focuses on targeting the needs of the visitor and relies on search engine optimization.  These websites are not just targeting anyone, it targets your best buyer. These are the people that are the most interested in what you have to offer and they will most likely buy your services or products.

The design and appearance of your website needs to target your best buyers needs.  It is important to understand the psychology and the motivation of your best buyers.  Usually, visitors of a website are looking for a solution, information, or just answers to question they might have.  If you can provide these visitors on what they are looking for, they will become “buyers”.

Here’s a couple of questions you should ask yourself so that you can change your website to a top converting website.

Top converting website

Focus: What is the focus of your business and what services or products do you offer?  Your website needs to have a clear purpose.  What solutions can you offer your visitors? How is your service better than your competition? What are the benefits that your best buyer can enjoy when they are buying from you? Your website should always answer these basic questions.

Visitors: What do you know about your target market?  How old are these people? Are they educated? Do you know how much they earn? Where do they live? What are their motivations? What is the trigger that will make the final decision to purchase?

By showing that you clearly understand what your visitors are looking for, your visitors will become much more open to buying a service or product from you. You have to present your website to clearly solve your visitors questions or issues. Show your visitors that you are offering what they are looking for.  This will help your website building an interest with targeted users. Use a sales funnel and drive your visitors towards a desired action.

Answer the questions above and update your website to a top converting website.