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Google’s search algorithm makes use of more than 200 different attributes and variables to give a website its ranking. The core concepts of that ranking are made up of the architecture of your site, the content that is housed on the site, the quality and relevant links that come into your site and the freshness of the site.

The content requirement that comes to us from Google tell us that our content has to tell the world what we do and why we are here in no uncertain terms. It must convince our visitors of the importance of our site in just a few moments and let them know that what they are viewing is worth seeing. The content should convince the customer to explore more fully and to expand what they are viewing on your site in order to keep your bounce rate low and your site visits longer.

Your site navigation should be easy to use, rapidly taking the user to the content that is most important for their purposes and helping them to find the products or services that they need.

The incoming links are part of the base of the algorithm. The links are viewed, even today, as votes from another site. Irrelevant links, conversely are viewed as spam. Linkbuilding is not illegal by any stretch, but building links from spam sites or sites that are not relevant to your site simply won’t help and may actively damage your website.

Part of the quality score that you’re going to get  will be whether or not your content is fresh and newly updated on a regular basis.If all of those things are working together on your website, chances are good that your basic site is in fine shape. If they aren’t, then maybe you need a helping hand to sort out the issues and get your site and your company just a little more visibility.