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If you have a website you can add a blog to it to start producing natural keyword rich content that will benefit your whole domain. This is an excellent strategy for any business with a website that needs more content. It’s a fact that Google lives and breaths content and by adding a blog to your marketing mix, you can increase the organic rankings of your website by focusing on SEO (search engine optimization). Blogging is also a great medium if you are interested in social media marketing as it’s social medium.

If you publish original, interesting, and high quality blog posts, your blog can serve as a link magnet of your website. This is a natural form of link building which is still one of the most important parts of SEO. Content is king and with your blog you can make sure your online marketing campaign works for your business. Blogs can attract your targeted audience to your website and start a discussion with you by commenting on your blog posts. If they like what they read and they have their own blogs, there is a chance that they will reference you in  their own blog posts producing a natural backlink to your website. This is powerful.

Still not convinced? Find a couple of tips below on why blogging is not an option anymore, but a must have for SEO.

SEO blogging benefits

  • Natural links: Adding unique and engaging content on a regular basis to your blog can help you attract the much needed natural inbound links for your SEO campaign.
  • Fresh content: Every blog post that you publish adds a new page to your existing website. It’s a fact that larger websites will have better rankings on the search engines because they have more pages
  • Keywords: When you use targeted keywords and phrases in the content that is relevant to your business on your blog posts, you are making it easier so that your target audience can find you on Google.
  • Visitors: Blogs are not static. Every time you publish a new blog post it is broadcasted on the web via RSS. This is a great way to build up a strong readership as interested people will be notified immediately when you publish a new blog post.

Blogging is really great for SEO as it can add keyword rich quality content to your website that will increase your organic rankings on the search engines, and attract your target audience.