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If you are a new local business and you want to attract local traffic to your website, the easiest method to achieve this is through a blog. Blogging for local SEO is extremely powerful when used correctly. To succeed with this, you need the willingness to regularly publish blog posts. It is a cost effective digital marketing solution.

To start with a blogging plan to attract local visitors you have to research keywords that describes your business such as “restaurant”, “doctor”, “plumber”, etc. Then you should combine these keywords with local names such as Restaurant in Bloemfontein, etc. You can also use the word “in” as people use this quite often in their searches.

After you have a list of keywords with local phrases you are going to target, optimize your website by using these keywords in the meta content, title tag, headings, and content of your pages. This will make locality stand out on your blog.

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You should add your blog as part of your website and not on another domain or sub domain. Even though this will also have merits, when it’s part of your whole domain, your whole domain will receive all the value from your blog. If you are a bit cash strapped, use a free blogging service like Blogger.com or WordPress.com. Once your blog is setup, add a couple of fundamental plugins for SEO, social sharing, and Analytics to track your visitors.

Local SEO blogging doesn’t require that you write pages and pages of content. Be short and to the point, but publish them regularly. Each posting that you publish should be focused around one keyword phrase. If you want to target Bloemfontein Restaurant, you would want to use this phrase in the meta content, title, heading, content, and links of your blog post.

You can start the blog post with “Bloemfontein Restaurant Easter specials” or another attention grabbing headline. Does this sound simple? It does and it works. When people search for anything Bloemfontein regarding Easter specials and Restaurants, your blog posting stands a chance of being found.